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March 30, 2018

At your service: Customizing the exclusive LR™90H Horizontal Drilling Rig

For high-wall stability and groundwater control, dewatering is critical to mine planning and development. Boart Longyear has unique and extensive dewatering technical expertise and boasts some of the most advanced, reliable rigs in the industry.

Boart Longyear operates the exclusive LR™90H Horizontal Drilling Rig for mine dewatering. This FOPS Level II certified rig drills a hole at a 5-degree angle for self-draining dewatering – directly against a high-wall face for the best productivity. This electric rig offers completely hands-free rod handling and can drill 152 to 182 m (500-600 ft) in a shift to depths of 450 m (1500 ft).

Recently, a client requested that the driller controls be moved away from the rig for 24/7 operations. At night, it’s difficult to monitor high walls visually. By moving the driller and the controls away from the high-wall in a remote operations cab, drilling can safely occur even at night when high-wall movement can be missed visually.

The LR90H drill rig will continue to work directly against the high-wall and the driller controls will be extended to a custom trailer and a remote operations cab that can be approximately 150 feet away from the high-wall, thus removing the driller and crew from hazards.

The LR90H is equipped with hands-free rod handling.

The remote operator system will maintain the current control panel functions in the cab and have a pass function that only allows operation from one location at a time to avoid unwanted operation of any function.


The new remote cab will move the driller out of the rig and away from the dangers of working directly against a high wall.

Communication with the rig will be via umbilical cord connections and the inline electric operated pilot controls will look and feel as much like the current control panel on the rig. The remote operations trailer will be equipped with six cameras capable of night vision showing needed angles and with viewing monitors in the cabin. Current LED lighting will be doubled for better night vision and an intercom system will be installed for communication to helpers outside. Due to the electric power, operating noise levels are extremely low compared to its Diesel Hydraulic brother. The mobile drill cabin trailer will be a 7.5X14 foot mobile office trailer, set up with electrical, insulation, lights, windows, air conditioning, and heat.

It’s just another example of how Boart Longyear is, at your service.


Download the Drilling Services fleet depth chart to discover the wide range of services Boart Longyear provides.


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