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October 23, 2017

Buy yourself some time: Introducing My Drill Store

Like most purchasing professionals, the work days pass quickly while trying to accomplish as much as possible. We all juggle multiple projects, have competing priorities, short deadlines and operations and field managers requesting their orders be filled quickly so they can tool-up and get started working on their client’s project.

Time is one of those constant, unwavering variables that when managed well, works to your advantage, but when mismanaged, can end up being a show stopper. There’s no shortage of time management strategies, articles, lists and tips online. Here are a few of our favorite short, high-impact articles to help you achieve your objectives.

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Boart Longyear continuously aims to improve our products, procedures, and services to benefit you, our customers. As part of that goal, we recently introduced My Drill Store ­– an online drilling tools and parts store designed to save time for busy purchasing professionals.

My Drill Store makes the procurement process more efficient and less time intensive with convenient online ordering. The site’s easy-to-use interface allows you to quickly search and identify what drilling products and parts are available along with the specifications and pricing to make informed and timely decisions.

Here are just a few more time-saving features My Drill Store offers to help you be more productive.

Check local availability

For access to drilling tools and parts when and where you need them, My Drill Store makes checking local availability, price and estimated weight quick and easy. Convenient order tracking and visibility to order history are also available.

Placing orders

To place an order, user-friendly options include searching and adding items to an online shopping cart, typing your order directly into the site or for larger orders, uploading a spreadsheet to the My Drill Store site.

Detailed product information and photos

Visually navigate through seven product categories including coring, diamond products, down the hole, equipment parts, reverse circulation, sonic and overburden and top hammer tools. Or, easily perform searches to see expanded views of products that include part numbers, descriptions, weights and photos.

Additional features include smart search functionality, customized “buy again” lists based on order history for easy reorders, a quick “print quote” button from the shopping cart and access to promotional pricing.

To sign up for access to My Drill Store, visit
or speak to your local Boart Longyear customer service representative.

What tricks and tips do you use as a purchasing professional in the drilling industry?

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