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August 17, 2018

Recommended Reading: Hard Hat Safety

Hard Hats Protect Our Greatest Safety Device

Protecting ourselves is a common topic, especially when it comes to drilling. Every job has its hazards but add long drives, moving machinery, towering masts, Mother Nature, dirt and grime, extended work days, and arduous work environments, and the hazards are everywhere in drilling.

Reducing risk in any situation can mean the difference between a healthy life and serious injury, or even death. Your head is especially vulnerable on the job site and is the reason hard hats are required to protect against the unexpected. It seems obvious, and after all that safety training it shouldn’t be a question whether to wear appropriate safety gear or not, yet head injuries from lack of wearing a hard hat still happen.

In an article entitled, “Hard Hats Protect Our Greatest Safety Device,” Brock Yordy, a global drill trainer and consultant, states, “We play a voluntary game of brain damage roulette any time we think it is OK to not wear a hard hat on any jobsite with overhead hazards.”

To properly protect your head, your hard hat should fit securely and be inspected daily. Originally published by National Driller, this article explains what to look for and why head protection is so vital. Some of the questions, observations, and tips given about hard hats could possibly save your life.

Take a closer look at this recommended reading by clicking here, “Hard Hats Protect Our Greatest Safety Device.”

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