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September 25, 2017

Sowing seeds and giving back to the community

Fourteen volunteers from Boart Longyear representing four countries participated in a tree planting initiative in Mali to contribute to the local community. 

Giving back to the community in a meaningful way was the goal of the initiative. The Faraba village is in close proximity to Boart Longyear's logistic base and not far from the Senegalese border. Boart Longyear chose Faraba to be the recipient of the trees donated. The volunteers planted 500 saplings including guava, orange, apple, and mango trees. These trees will provide approximately 50 tonnes of fruit per annum upon maturity. That is more than enough to feed several villages and also be home to the wide variety of fauna found around the region.

The event concluded when the last tree was planted at the center of the village by the youngest Boart Longyear volunteer (the son of a Boart Longyear employee) and the Village Chief to represent the bond between Boart Longyear and the village and the importance of the trees that were planted for future generations. A big thank you to everyone who participated including the Boart Longyear skidder operator, welders, drill crews, environmental-health-safety-training, supply chain, and camp administrators. The team effort of giving back to the community was a great success.

Author - Steven Galjaardt
Regional EHS & T Manager - EMEA

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