Boart Longyear Upgrades LFTM160 Surface Coring Drill Rig

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — December 23, 2021

Boart Longyear, the world’s leading provider of drilling services, equipment and performance tooling is introducing model year upgrades to the LF™160 surface coring drill rig.

New this year, Boart Longyear is adding 6-meter inner tube handling, foldable walkways, and Cummins Tier 3 engines to add efficiency and safety to the industry-leading LF™160. When paired with the FL262 FREEDOM™ Loader, the LF™160 combination is ideal for contractors who want to target sophisticated surface drilling exploration contracts that stipulate some of the highest safety standards, without compromising on productivity.

The 6-meter inner tube system allows drillers to retrieve a full 6-meter inner tube out of the rod string using the wireline winch. Coupled with the capability of handling full PQ inner tubes, the LF™160 delivers more operating efficiency, reducing the frequency of retrieving the inner tube, which in turn decreases your downtime.

“Compared to a standard 3-meter system, the 6-meter inner tube system can deliver efficiencies of up to 50% for deeper holes.” said Erik Gaugh, Product Manager – Capital Equipment. “We anticipate the 6-meter system to be a game changer for many of our customers.”

Foldable walkways are available on the LF™160T(truck) and are integrated on both sides of the rig with railings and kick plates. The walkways provide safe access to the elevated rig platform on the truck chassis and eliminates the need for fall arrest protection. The walkways hydraulically fold in and out without the need for manual manipulation to further reduce the potential for hand injuries.

The next generation LF™160 comes equipped with a Cummins Tier 3 Engine. Cummins is known for being the world-class leader in diesel engines. With a global network of service locations and parts providers, Cummins and Boart Longyear are well aligned to support each of its global locations. Boart Longyear offers Cummins engines standard with the LF™160, which provides greater spare part commonality for Boart Longyear customers.

Boart Longyear is committed to providing the safest, most productive, and most reliable rigs in the industry. The foldable platforms, 6-meter inner tube system, and Cummins Tier 3 engines are continued proof of that commitment.

About Boart Longyear Established in 1890, Boart Longyear is the world’s leading provider of drilling services, orebody data collection, and drilling products. With a focus in mining and exploration activities, including copper, gold, nickel, zinc, and uranium, the company also operates in the energy, oil sands exploration, and environmental sectors.

The Drilling Services division provides drilling expertise including diamond coring, reverse circulation, large diameter rotary, and sonic drilling. Applications include exploration, production, mine dewatering, water supply drilling, and pump services.

The Geological Data Services division utilizes scanning technology and down-hole instrumentation to capture geological data from drilled core and chip samples. This valuable data gives mining companies the ability to make timely and intelligent decisions.

The Products division includes research and development, global manufacturing, marketing, and equipment service capabilities. The division holds hundreds of patents, covering drill rigs, exploration and production tooling and consumables as well as genuine parts for customers worldwide.

Boart Longyear is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in Sydney, Australia (ASX:BLY). More information about Boart Longyear can be found at

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