10 UMX™ Diamond Bits

10 UMX™ Diamond Bits

The 10 UMX™ diamond bit features Boart Longyear’s proven Ultramatrix™ technology, and is one of the most free cutting bits available on the market today. Its combination of synthetic diamonds and advanced matrix formulation make it the ideal bit choice for the very hardest rock formations. In field tests around the world, the 10 UMX™ has impressed customers with its cutting ability and increased life in some of their most challenging operations.

Product Features:

  • Free cutting matrix penetrates the hardest rock formations
  • Razor Cut™ Technology, ready to cut right out of the box
  • Stage™ Waterway Design increases bit life through taller crown heights
  • Twin-Taper™ Window increases penetration through changing ground conditions

10 UMX™ Diamond Bits Product Overview

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