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September 23, 2019

INSITE Podcast Episode 12: How Boart Longyear Drilling Services is using new technology for accurate numbers on drill sites

In this episode of the INSITE Podcast, Geo Jon and Brittney speak with Martin Rivet, Director of Engineering for Drilling Services, about the new app he developed named TruProductivity. Learn how this app is paving the way for quicker, more reliable numbers on Boart Longyear's Drilling Services drill sites.

Martin Rivet is the Director of Engineering for Drilling Services at Boart Longyear. Growing up in Haileybury, Ontario, he took an early interest in the mining industry, joining the company at age 16 as a mechanic’s assistant. He continued his education earning a degree in mechanical engineering and with his gained experience took on new positions as an engineer, an EHS professional, a product manager, and most recently, the director of the Drilling Services engineering team. Martin now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah working on global engineering projects, including the development and implementation of TruProductivity.

Our host, Jon Peterson (Geo Jon for fun), works for the Products division as a Customer Service Representative. Jon graduated from the University of Utah in 2015 with his Bachelors of Science in Geology. He’s worked for Boart Longyear for the last two and a half years and interned as a geologist with an exploration company for about six months prior to coming to work for Boart Longyear. Jon has been married for a year and a half and in his free time enjoys trail running, hiking, working on his yard, spending time with family, and playing with his black lab Dexter. 

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