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April 2, 2018

INSITE Podcast Episode 2: XQ™ Rods

On this INSITE podcast, Amanda Nielsen interviews Boart Longyear’s director of engineering, Chris Drenth. Chris has been instrumental in rod and wireline development for Boart Longyear for 22 years. He is the inventor of 21 designs and 25 inventions that Boart Longyear has pursued patent protection for, including the RQ™ wireline coring rod thread and the new XQ™ rod thread.

Chris was also recently recognized by Mining Magazine in Exploration as part of their Mining Magazine Awards.

On this episode, ahead of the official launch, Chris discusses the benefits of XQ rods and how the new features compare to RQ rods as well as giving a shout out to Design Engineer, Anthony Lachance, and the North Bay manufacturing plant.

The top three benefits of XQ rods are:

1.   Easier and faster make and break with double auto-start threads
2.   Longer thread life – double over RQ rods
3.   Up to 60% stronger than RQ rods

Learn more about XQ Rods

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