MARKETS: Mining

    The S250 hand-held pneumatic rock drill has been designed with an ideal power-to-weight ratio to ensure maximum production in development and stoping applications. Available in several configurations including the Jackleg, Stoper and Sinker, the S250 features precision leg controls, a lightweight design, and optional acoustic baffles that reduce operator fatigue, and its simple construction requires less frequent servicing than competitors’ hand-held drills.

    • Low cost-per-foot performance
    • Available in several configurations
    • Superior power-to-weight ratio
    • Requires less maintenance than competitive hand-held drills
    • Complimented by full range of hand-held drilling tools and accessories


    Premium Materials

    The S250 uses premium materials, machined to exacting specifications to deliver high performance and exceptional durability.

    Proven Technology

    Boart Longyear’s S250 rock drill is based on the well- established, market-leading S250 design.

    Hex 22 mm and 25 mm Chuck Ends

    Boart Longyear provides both 22 mm and 25 mm hex chuck ends to accommodate popular steel sizes.


    The S250 is available in three primary variations including Jackleg, Stoper and Sinker, providing maximum utility for the specific customer needs. Both muffled and unmuffled versions are available.

    Services and Training

    Boart Longyear offers on-site services training and complete rebuild and overhaul service to ensure optimal drill performance and extended life.

    Jackleg / Sinker Rock Drill Specification

    Bore79.4 mm3.126 in
    Stroke73.25 mm2.884 in
    Blows / Minute2200 @ 6.2 bar90 psi
    Air Consumption4.4m3/min @ 6.2 bar156 cfm @ 90 psi
    Air Connection-1 in BSP
    Water Connection-1/2 in BSP
    Leg Thrust 244 kg @ 6.2 bar 537 lb @ 90 psi
    Leg Extension - Standard 762 mm 30 in
    Leg Extension - Optional 610 mm 24 in
    Notes*1. The figures in these tables have been calculated based on field experience, and may be reasonably expected.
    2. Actual drilling capacity will depend on in-hole tools and conditions, drilling techniques and equipment used.

    Supply Hose ID (required)

    Air 25 mm 1 in
    Water 12 mm 1/2 in

    Steel Size (HEX) - Chuck End

    Standard22 mm HEX x 108 mm long7/8 in HEX x 4-1/4 in long
    Optional25 mm HEX x 108 mm long1 in HEX x 4-1/4 in long
    * Drill designed to accept collared/tapered HEX steel to ISO standard 723

    Standard S250 Airleg (Sold Separately)

    Bore Diameter68 mm2.677 in
    Stroke Length1295 mm51 in
    Thrust230 kg at 6.2 bar506 lb @ 90 psi


    Metric U.S.
    Muffled42.2 kg93 lb
    Unmuffled41.3 kg91 lb


    Football Style Lubricator
    4 hours drilling capacity with S250 rockdrill
    Install in line, within 3.5 m (12 ft) of rockdrill
    Weight: 4.8 kg (10.6 lb)
    Capacity: 600 mL (36.6 in3) rockdrill oil
    Min/Max Adjustment: 1/4 turn

    Optional S250 Airleg (Sold Separately)

    Stroke Length991 mm39 in
    Stroke Length762 mm30 in

    Noise Emissions*

    MuffledNoise Pressure 113.5 dB(A)
    Power 126.5 dB(A)
    UnmuffledNoise Pressure 116.0 dB(A)
    Power 129.0 dB(A)
    Notes:Noise levels are measured in accordance with ISO3744 and SANS1470 (Part 4)
    Boart Longyear has done extensive research and testing in noise reduction and have found that a proper hearing conservation program is an effective means of dealing with elevated noise levels.

    Steel Size (Hex) - Chuck End

    Bore Diameter68 mm2.677 in
    Stroke Length1295 mm51 in
    Thrust230 kg at 6.2 bar506 lb @ 90 psi

    Mounting Option

    OptionMuffledLengths/StrokesWater Valve
    JacklegWith or Without3 Airleg options
    StoperWith or Without3 Airleg optionsWith or without
    SinkerWith or Without

    Base Options

    Sinker Conversion Kit
    S250 Drill Repair Kit
    Football Lubricator