Unsurpassed quality

Use of selected high-quality precision steels and several special heat treat processes provides excellent stability, straightness, and wear-resistance of the drill string assembly.

Increased Precision

The sophisticated thread design and optimized weight distribution on all of the tooling provide optimum transfer of the high-frequency resonant energy from the sonic head down to the drill bit.

Performance Tooling that Exceeds Expectations

In-house engineering and extensive field testing ultimately result in superior drilling outcomes and performance for optimized penetration rates and straighter holes.


High-quality precision steels for maximum drill hole straightness.

Special heat treatment process for unmatched wear-resistance.

Sophisticated thread design for optimum energy transmission and durability.

Optimized weight distribution for superior penetration rates.

Long standing experience and know-how with carbide bits ensure selection of most suitable carbide inserts and bit designs for the job.