Established in 1890, Boart Longyear is the world’s leading innovative provider of drilling services, manufacturer of productivity-driver drilling equipment, and developer of orebody-data technology that is revolutionising the future of mineral development. With a rich heritage from more than 130 years of operations, the Company continues to build value for customers worldwide.

Boart Longyear is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange under the trading symbol BLY. The company operates in 26 countries around the globe and at the end of 2021 had more than 5,300 employees.


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2023 Announcements

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26-May-2023Results of 2023 AGM; Quarterly Reporting Change
25-May-20232023 AGM Presentation
27-April-2023First Quarter 2023 Results
27-April-2023First Quarter 2023 Appendix 4C
26-April-20232022 Annual Report
26-April-2023Boart Longyear Publishes 2022 ESG Report
26-April-2023Corporate Governance Statement and Appendix 4G
24-April-20232023 AGM Notice of Meeting
30-March-20232023 Annual General and Special Meeting Date
24-February-2023Updated Fourth Quarter 2022 Appendix 4C
24-February-2023Full Year 2022 Appendix 4E – Preliminary Final Report
24-February-2023Full Year 2022 Results Presentation
24-February-2023Full Year 2022 Results Release
22-February-2023Boart Longyear Introduces Veracio
9-February-2023Full Year 2022 Results Webcast Details
2-February-2023Executive Committee Change
31-January-2023Fourth Quarter 2022 Appendix 4C and Trading Update
4-January-2023Notice of Cessation of Securities

2022 Announcements

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6-December-2022Update on Australian Core Orientation Technologies Patent Litigation
2-December-2022TruScan Named Mining Innovation of the Year
29-November-2022Agreement on Intellectual Property in the United States
28-October-2022Third Quarter 2022 Appendix 4C
28-October-2022Third Quarter 2022 Results Release
13-September-2022Appendix 3G - Notification of Issue
13-September-2022Appendix 3Y - Change of Director's Interest Notice - Jeffrey Olsen
6-September-2022Patent Litigation Clarification
2-September-2022Patent Litigation Update
24-August-2022Half Year 2022 Financial Report and Appendix 4D
24-August-2022Half Year 2022 Results Presentation
24-August-2022Half Year 2022 Results Press Release
16-August-2022Boart Longyear Names Daniel Goldblatt Chief Human Resources Officer
5-August-2022Update to Second Quarter 2022 Trading Update and Appendix 4C
4-August-2022Appendix 3X - Initial Director's Interest Notice - Shannon McCrae
4-August-2022Half-Year 2022 Results Webcast Details
3-August-2022GDS Strategic Partner Globaltech Successfully Defends Optical Device Patent
2-August-2022Second Quarter 2022 Trading Update
1-August-2022Appointment of Shannon McCrae to Board of Directors
29-July-2022Second Quarter 2022 Appendix 4C
14-June-2022Boart Longyear Investor Presentation
25-May-20222022 AGM Voting Results
25-May-20222022 AGM Presentation
29-April-2022First Quarter 2022 Results Release
29-April-2022First Quarter 2022 Appendix 4C
26-April-20222022 AGM Notice of Meeting
20-April-2022Boart Longyear Publishes Inaugural ESG Report
20-April-2022Appendix 4G Statement
20-April-20222021 Annual Report
19-April-2022Appointment of New Company Secretary
21-March-2022Appendix 3Y - Change of Director's Interest Notice - Tye Burt
8-March-2022Boart Longyear Appoints Haitao Liu as Vice President, Supply Chain and Manufacturing
2-March-2022Polish Manufacturing Plant Completes Largest Order in Facility's History
24-February-2022Full Year 2021 Results Release
24-February-2022Appendix 4E and Annual Financial Report - 2021
24-February-2022Full Year 2021 Results Presentation
9-February-2022Boart Longyear Appoints Giovanna Bee Moscoso as Chief Legal Officer
4-February-2022Full-year 2021 Results Call Details
31-January-20222021 Fourth Quarter Appendix 4C
12-January-2022Boart Longyear Receives Additional Liquidity to Support 2022 Growth

Upcoming Events

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Thursday, 25 May 2023 9:00 am AEST (7:00 pm United States EST on Wednesday, 24 May 2023)2023 Annual General and Special Meeting
2023 Annual General and Special Meeting Date
2023 AGM Notice of Meeting
2023 AGM Presentation
2023 AGM Presentation
2023 AGM Webcast Replay
2023 AGM Webcast Replay

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