Established in 1890, Boart Longyear is the world’s leading provider of drilling services, drilling equipment and performance tooling for mining and drilling companies. It also has a substantial presence in aftermarket parts and service, energy, mine de-watering, oil sands exploration, production drilling, and down-hole instrumentation.


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17-September-2021Recapitalisation Update – Creditors’ Schemes become effective
17-September-2021Recapitalisation Update – Appendix 3B Proposed issue of Securities
16-September-2021Recapitalisation Update – Supreme Court approves Creditors’s Schemes
9-September-2021Company Enters Into New Credit Facility and Extends Existing Facility
8-September-2021Shareholder approval of Comprehensive Recapitalisation and Re-Domiciliation Initiatives
7-September-2021Recapitalisation Update - Shareholder & Creditor participations
31-August-2021Secured and Unsecured Creditors’ Schemes Meetings Results
27-August-20218 SEP 2021 Shareholder meetings moving to virtual only
26-August-20212021 Half Year Financial Report and Appendix 4D
26-August-20212021 Half Year Results Press Release
26-August-20212021 Half Year Results Presentation
20-August-2021Shareholder Voting Reminder Letter
05-August-2021Despatch of Shareholder Materials
02-August-2021First-Half Announcement Results Call
29-July-2021First Half Trading Update & Appendix 4C
29-July-2021Boart Longyear Recapitalisation & Re-Domiciliation - First Court Hearing
29-July-2021Share Purchase Plan - Cleansing Notice
29-July-2021Appendix 3A.3 - Notification of Consolidation/Split
29-July-2021Appendix 3B - Proposed issue of Securities
29-July-2021Appendix 3C - Notification of buy-back
16-July-2021Boart Longyear Shareholder Letter
08-July-2021Key Executive Appointments
30-June-2021Amendments to Senior Secured Notes
08-June-2021Additional Financing & PIK Consent Approvals
04-June-2021Boart Longyear Moody’s Credit Rating Actions
26-May-2021Boart Longyear 2021 Annual General Meeting Presentation
26-May-20212021 Result of 2021 Annual General Meetings
20-May-2021Ratings Action S&P
17-May-2021Proposed amendments to Senior Secured Notes
13-May-2021Boart Longyear completes Strategic Review - Proposed Substantial Recapitalisation
29-April-2021Boart Longyear - 2021 First Quarter Results & Appendix 4C
26-April-20212021 AGM NOM and PROXY amendment
22-April-20212021 Virtual Annual General Meeting
15-April-2021Appendix 4G Statement
15-April-2021 Boart Longyear - Annual Report 2020
8-March-2021 Ratings Action - S&P Global
8-March-2021 Ratings Action - S&P Global
8-February-2021 Boart Longyear - Full-Year 2020 Results Call Details
7-January-2021 Boart Longyear - Engagement of Advisor

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Friday, 26 Feb 2021
10:30 am AEST (6:30pm United States EST on Thursday, 25 Feb 2021).
2020 FY Results Announcement
Wednesday, 26 May 2021
9:00 am AEST (7:00 pm United States EST on Tuesday, 25 May 2021).
2021 Virtual Annual General Meetings
Friday, 27 Aug 2021
10:30 am AEST (8:30 pm United States EST on Thursday, 26 Aug 2021).
2021 HY Results Announcement

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