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April 18, 2019

Read it and Weep - Boart Longyear goes Deep

Cutting-Edge Innovation & Impressive Drilling Crew Achieved Near-Record Depth

The Boart Longyear™ Drilling Services Coring Division completed a near-record depth hole of nearly 10,500 feet (3200 meters) in North America late last year. Using the latest and greatest Boart Longyear drilling equipment and tooling, the crew completed the project on time and on budget all while keeping everyone safe.


The Drilling Services Surface Coring drill crew used the powerful LF™350e along with the new, patented XQ™ wireline coring rods featuring W-Wall, and the new Longyear™ diamond bits to successfully directionally drill at an angle of 65 degrees to the client’s required depth – which was almost 10,500 feet (3200 meters). An impressive feat in and of itself, the project had measurable productivity gains and proved the newest Boart Longyear rigs and tooling make a real difference in the field. 

With innovative features of the drill rig, combined with the deepest rated coring rods in the market and the fastest, smoothest cutting bits, the project’s success was also attributed to the talent, experience, and technical expertise of the crew.


Boart Longyear has combined proven technology from its most popular surface coring drill rigs to create the powerful LF™350e.The forward tilting head design simplifies the rod handling process and reduces the need for operator intervention and maintenance. The rod breaking clamp is a hydraulic breaking device which means no wrench under power. The foot clamp rotates to break rod joints located between the foot clamp and rod breaking clamp. The rig also features a heated and air conditioned drillers cab to protect the operator from the elements and overhead hazards. Utilizing CAN bus communication and PLC programming, all LF350e functions are controlled electronically. The “e” in LF350e refers to the fully electronic control system. The rig is designed ergonomically to lessen fatigue and stress to the driller and helper. The LF350e has adjustable wireline speed to be able to set to lower the over shot and then pull the tube, which allows a hands-off safer approach. This is just one-way ergonomic design plays a part in reducing fatigue with this drill rig. The beauty of Boart Longyear’s business model of both contract drilling services and a drilling products business is access to immediate, direct, unfiltered feedback from drillers in the field. Drill rigs built for drillers.

XQ Wireline Coring Rods

A unique combination of -20 degree self-locking reverse flank angle on the threads and symmetrical load distribution when combined with W-Wall™ double-annealed mid-body, make XQ™ wireline coring rods some of the deepest rated coring rods in the market. XQ has an increased negative flank angle from of -20 degrees compared to -10 degrees in RQ™ rods. The increased negative flank angle combined with the double-start threads, nearly eliminate box bulging and provides greater strength in high torque applications.

Patented XQ joints have opposite double-start threads that are self-aligning so mating engages smoothly. This provides a balanced load response and double the contact area, which means half the contact pressure. This symmetrical load distribution increases load capacity significantly for stronger rods with deeper capacity. The lighter drill string increased drill rig depth capacity and reduced fatigue in driller's when manually tripping. The enlarged inner diameter also significantly reduced inner tube tripping time for improved productivity.

The new NXQ™ and HXQ™ W-Wall coring rods feature patent-pending, double-upset tubing, with the same overall weight reduction and faster wireline tripping speed as V-Wall. However, the standard wall thickness in the middle of XQ rod eliminates premature mid-body wear and resists bending, performing like straight wall tubing.

As all Boart Longyear coring rod, XQ W-Wall tubing is cold-drawn from high quality, North American alloy steel, uniquely processed to Boart Longyear specifications.

Longyear Bits

Boart Longyear has successfully created a chemical bond between diamond and matrix, which is stronger than the diamond itself. The increased diamond projection and improved face flushing create a bit with more versatility, higher penetration rates, and longer life. The Longyear Bits are similar to large diamond bits, but with the easy, smooth drilling characteristics drillers prefer. This means increased productivity throughout the entire operation, and ultimately more core.

To support higher penetration rates, the new Longyear™ formulas are combined with a new, more open, express geometry. Tapered intermediate waterways improve flushing and prevent accumulation of debris. Designed for fast cutting in competent ground, the new express geometry is available in our 16mm crown heights to maintain bit life at higher cutting speeds.

The unique Razorcut™ protrusions on the face of the bit contain diamonds that enable the bit to begin cutting right out of the box – even in the softest ground. The arrangement of these protrusions also improves the tracking and balance in the hole when drilling begins.

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