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Designed to operate in remote locations, the LF™130F coring rig is the only rig in its class that offers large diameter PQ™ drilling capabilities.

The LF™130F is heliportable-breaking down into 11 lifting points and quick-connect hydraulic couplings to ensure quick and reliable setup and breakdown.

  • 132 kN pullback, 1.8m stroke direct coupled feed cylinder
  • Heliportable, modular design with largest load under 680 kg
  • Rod handling
  • Self contained operator panel with lift-to-shift control levers
  • Hollow spindle rotation unit with 4-speed transmission (HQ & PQ configurations available)
  • Nitro-Chuck™ with 222 kN holding capacity
  • PQ footclamp, spring close / hydraulic open for failsafe operation

LF™130F Features

1. Proven Performance and Reliability

Based on our LM (underground) drill technology, the LF™130F utilizes hydraulic sequencing and brings unmatched operator control.

2. Powerful

PQ capacity with 5456 Nm of torque and 128 kN pull back.

3. Rod Handling

Load rods at the same comfortable height every time independent of drilling angle.

4. Modular Design

Easily breaks-down into eleven modules. (max lift is 680 kg)

Drilling Depth Guidelines

Depth Capacity1,690 m (NRQ V-Wall)*5,545 ft (NRQ-V-Wall)*
Drill Rod SizeBQ - PQBQ - PQ
Notes: The above depth capacities are based on a vertical, straight and clean down hole using theoretically calculated pull back of 120 kN. Core breaking strength has been included using rock strength of 10 MPa. Actual drilling capacity will depend on in-hole tool system used, ground conditions, drilling techniques and equipment used. Always verify manufacturers rod depth ratings prior to use.
*The figures in these tables are estimates which have been calculated using the applicable pullback capacity of the drill. Actual drilling results may vary and will depend on in-hole tools, subsurface and other environmental conditions, drilling techniques and equipment used.
To view additional drill capacity information click here

Prime Mover

Standard UnitJohn Deere™ 4045HF485 liquid cooled, turbo charged, diesel engine
Displacement4.5 L275 in3
Power (maximum) at 2,450 RPM128kW172hp
Emissions CertificationEU Stage III A.CARB EPA Tier 3

PQ Drill Head - Standard

Standard PQ - Hollow Spindle
Maximum Rod Diameter114.3 mm4.5 in
Rotation MotorRexroth hydraulic motor - variable/reversible
Mechanical TransmissionFunk 4 speed
Hydraulic PQ ChuckPatented Nitro-Chuck™
Hydraulically opened, nitrogen gas spring closed
Axial holding capacity of 222.4 kN
Drill Head LubricationForce fed bearings, oil bath for gears - PTO driven
Drill Head Lubricating Oil Filtration25 micron high pressure oil filter

Torque and RPM Ratings - PQ Head

Metric U.S.
 (Hydraulic motor at maximum/minimum displacement, prime mover at 2,200 RPM)
Speed (no load) Torque (stall)
RPM Nm lbft
 1st Gear119 - 1965,456 - 3,3044,024 - 2,437
 2nd Gear240 - 3952,714 - 1 6402,002 - 1,210
 3rd Gear427 - 7031,527 - 9221,126 - 680
 4th Gear747 - 1,230874 - 529645 - 390
 NOTE: Head output speed and torque are infinitely variable in each gear range as indicated.
 Actual rotation speed is affected by engine RPM and hydraulic motor displacement setting.

Hydraulic System

 Primary PumpAxial piston, variable displacement with pressure compensated load sense control
 Max Flow220 L/min58.1 gal/min
 Maximum Pressure (factory setting)310 bar4,500 psi
Recirculation PumpOil cooling and charge pump
Type44cc Fixed displacement gear pump

Feed Frame/Mast

Feed Frame
Feed Stroke1,800 mm70.87 in
Mast dump stroke1,270 mm50 in
Max Push Force63.5 kN @ 28 MPa14,275 lbf @ 4,060 psi
Max Pull Force127.6 kN @ 28 MPa28,686 lbf @ 4,060 psi
Rated Carriage Speed0.7 m/s per complete cycle2.29ft/s per complete cycle
Drilling AngleDrilling angle 45° off horizontal to 90° vertical down.
Normal Rod Handling Speed*Approx. 15 m/min.Approx. 50 ft/min.
*Actual rod handling speed may vary with working conditions

PQ Rod Handler

Max Opening125 mm4.875 in
Max rated axial holding capacity130 kN33,750 lbf
TypeClosed mechanically, opened hydraulically, automatic synchronization with chuck, manual overdrive.

Wireline Hoist

Wireline HoistProportional hydraulic control.
Power up, power down, hydraulically locked in neutral.
Free wheel override, chain driven spooling device.
Level Wind Included
Line Pull
Bare Drum11.77 kN2,649 lb
Full Drum4.51 kN1,015 lb
Line Speed
Bare Drum0 - 100 m/min328 ft/min
Full Drum0 - 254 m/min833 ft/min
Drum Capacity

Rod Handler

Handles BQ - PQ 3m rods and core barrel.

Standard Components

John Deere™ 4045HF485 liquid cooled, turbo charged, diesel engine
Hydraulic module
Battery - 12V
Feed frame with wireline extension
PQ rotation unit including patented Nitro-Chuck®
PQ rod clamp

Additional Information

Fuel Tank Capacity360 L95 Gal
Size 600mm x 1000mm x 600 mm 23.62 in x 39.37 in x 23.62 in.
Construction 3 mm Steel Construction .12 in Steel Construction
Flight Modules
Largest Lift 680 kg 1,499.14 lb
Number of Lifts11


  Metric U.S.
Pump Module635 kg1,400 lb
Engine Module680 kg 1,500 lb
Radiator Module (Including Battery)270 kg600 lb
Control Module515 kg1,135 lb
Positioner678 kg1,495 lb
Positioner678 kg1,495 lb
Wireline, Rod Handler415 kg915 lb
Feed Frame630 kg1,390 lb
Hose Management190 kg420 lb
Rotation Unit680 kg1,500 lb
Upper Mast Assembly440 kg970 lb
Skid Base680 kg1,500 lb
Rod Handler680 kg1,455 lb

Decals Available in Any Language

English Decals
Spanish Decals
Russian Decals

Skid Base

Flyable base that the complete drill can be mounted on, to create a single unit drill assembly.

Semi Automated Rod Handler

Designed with safety in mind the semi automated rod handler has been operating on Boart Longyear™ underground diamond drills. The rod handler reduces operator fatigue, Occupational Health and Safety liabilities and can improve productivity.
Load rods at the same comfortable height every time independent of drilling angle.
Reduces the possibility of hand and back injuries.
Overcomes the need for work platforms - Increases productivity particularly on deep large diameter holes.
Easily retro-fitted.
Automated Rod Threading.
Non intrusive laser guarding.

Wireline Cable

1400mm of 5mm cable
1000mm of 6mm cable
895mm of 1/4 inch cable

Mud Tank

Optional Mud Tank Available

Water Pump

520 Fluid PumpTriplex piston design hydraulic proportional control
0-76 lpm continuously variable
3.42 MPa max discharge pressure with relief valve fitted as standard
535 Water Pump
Triplex piston design hydraulic proportional control
132 L/min continuously variable
3.42 MPa max discharge pressure with relief valve fitted as standard

Mud Mixer

Having a reliable mud mixer in the field is an integral part of the drilling process, because drilling additives require a homogenous slurry mix to make the most of their lubricating and/or stabilizing properties
The robust, reliable and durable slurry/mud mixer has a max speed of 2300rpm at full flow
Powered directly from the drill rig’s hydraulic system, it is tough enough to operate in any drilling environment
Optional 150 gallons or 250 gallons mud tank

Wireline Winch with Spooling Device

Free wheel ability to lower wire line into the hole easier
Spooling device ensure rope lay is even
Counter balance valve preventing drop in case of hose burst

Fuel Tank

360 L/95 US gal fuel tank