My Drill Store: Direct Item Entry



Direct Item Entry: Manual Entry

Use the Direct Item Entry form to manually enter part numbers to order. If you have customized Customer Part Numbers, you may enter them here as well. Once you have entered the part numbers, select the items by checking the boxes in the Select column on the left and click on the Fill Details button. Ensure the Item Name is correct once the form is populated, and click Add to Cart.

Direct Item Entry: Spreadsheet Entry

You may also upload a spreadsheet in .csv (comma separated value) format. There is a specific layout in order to successfully upload your item list. The heading of each column in your .csv should be as follows: INV_NUM   |   UOM   |   QTY NOTE: Every field must contain information. There cannot be any blank fields.

Download the Direct Item Entry csv template

The INV_NUM field is the part number, The UOM (Unit of Measurement) field should always be populated with “EA”, and QTY is the quantity of the part you wish to purchase. When saving, ensure the file remains in a .csv format.

In the Direct Item Entry page, click the Upload button. direct-item-entry-uploadClick the Choose File button, and select the desired .csv file. Click Apply. If the .csv file is properly formatted, the Direct Item Entry form will automatically populate with the details of the uploaded items.

On the left side of the form, select the items you wish to add to cart, and click the Add to Cart button. You may Select All in the link above the Select column.

Good Practice: Always click the Fill Details button to be notified of any errors!


NOTE: After entering your part numbers either manually or via .csv file, click the Select All link, and then click the Fill Details button. If there are any part numbers that do not exist or are otherwise incorrect, a red X error will appear on the part.




You will not be able to successfully add any items to the cart in this screen until all part numbers are correct. You may either change the erroneous part number or delete it, and click the Fill Details button to remove the error. When all errors have been corrected, you may successfully add your items to the cart.

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