My Drill Store Frequently Asked Questions

You may use your current iStore login and password to access your account.

Click on the Orders link. Under the gray main menu bar, there are links to Track Orders, view Invoices, and see Payments. In Track Orders, you may click on Shipment Details on the far right of your search results to review an order’s shipment details.

In the Cart Details window, under the Actions drop-down menu, choose Print Quote and click Go. A PDF of your quote will automatically download to your computer.

At the top right of every page is a Search text box. Begin typing your search of either item name or product number and it will autofill with suggestions after 3 characters. Click Go. For more information, see Overview.

Your discounted price will appear once you have added an item to the cart.

Prices are only calculated once you have added an item to the cart.

A Customer Service Representative will be able to give you accurate information on when the item will be available, or change the location from where the item will be shipped from for a shorter lead time.

After you have submitted your order, depending on the method of shipping you have decided, your Customer Service Representative will add shipping costs and contact you to review your order.

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