My Drill Store: Overview

My Drill Store is an easy-to-use online shopping platform for a multitude Boart Longyear-related products. Below is an overview of the navigation.

Top Stripe

  • Home: Guides you to the front page of MyDrillStore.
  • Direct Item Entry: Use this form to manually enter part numbers to order. If you have customized Customer Part Numbers, you may enter them here. Learn more about Direct Item Entry.
  • Cart: View the current items in your order. Learn more about Checking Out Step-by-Step. 
  • Orders: Easily view and search your submitted orders. Learn more about Orders.
  • Profile: Your personal information, address book, accounts, preferences, and purchased rigs are kept in your profile under User, as well well as your Company Information
  • Logout: Logs the current user out of My Drill Store.

Main Menu

  • Boart Longyear Products: An expanded view of the seven main categories in the store. Visually navigate to any of the sub-categories.
  • Part Lookup: This link opens a new window to allow you to log into SPIN - our Service and Parts Information Network. Learn more about Part Lookup and the SPIN.
  • Buy Again: The top 20 items ordered from your account are listed here for easy reordering.
  • Wish List: Create multiple wish lists to save for future orders. Learn more about creating and using Wish Lists.
  • Promotions: Promotions that are applicable to your region.
  • Product Search: The product search box has smart search capabilities, which means you can type in the first 3 letters or numbers for what you’re searching for and it will bring up the top three options in each category containing a match.

smart-search1 search-bar

As you begin to type, the smart search capability will begin to auto-fill the results that fit your search.


The more you type, the more refined your search results become.


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